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As Tom Mgrdichian settles into his control room chair, it’s as if he just dropped into his overstuffed couch in his family room. He’s completely at home here.

And it’s no wonder. For the last 25 years, he’s produced, arranged, and worked with dozens of major artists: From legends such as Earth, Wind and Fire, Dave Matthews, Stevie Wonder, Giorgio Moroder, and Olivia Newton-John, to current Radio Disney YouTube sensation Megan Nicole. His talents have been added to dozens of major motion pictures such as Wild Hogs, Die Hard 2, several Adam Sandler films, and many others.


As the new Firma Collective tracks spin up on the studio monitors, his smartly shaved head reflects the warm glow of his natural habitat. The dark soul patch gracing his chin opens a tiny window to the artist in him; that part of him that can’t help but create something sensational every time he takes on a new project. It's the same motivation that inspired him to join his voice actor friend and independent Christian artist Joel Weldon in this new adventure: to form a new group of artists called Firma Collective and accompanying record label, Firma Music Group, that embodies eternal goals and inspired meaning. And in clear contrast to most of the projects of Tom’s career, this one reflects his faith in Jesus Christ.


How to pull this off? By bringing together the talents of Hollywood music and movie industry pros in collaboration with the So Cal worship community to make something wonderful. Something unique. Something that, in rare ways, reflects their love for God that hasn’t been allowed to shine much in the LA and Hollywood scenes they’ve worked in for years.


“The quality of the music produced for God and His people should be as excellent (or more so) as anything else ever produced.” says Tom, “Jesus is the one who lends us the talents we have, and He not only wants good music, but the very best we can do, “And that’s our goal with Firma Collective. God honoring excellence in every song, every note, every concert appearance by people who know excellence in their craft in every way.”


The name Firma has latin roots with the meaning of promise, signature and strength. And by all appearances (and the sound of the music being made here), for Tom and the Firma team, the name is a perfect fit.


Look out for Tom Mgrdichian on the Firma Collective debut album release, Songs For Every Soul, coming Spring of 2018.

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