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Tel: 951-282-4855



I love me a great story. I think we all do. As an actor, I love to bring creations to life, whether by voice, stage or screen.

There's something about the story that reaches in and grips us at the core of our being. Whether fiction or non, story makes up the myriad of threads that weave us together.

And what makes the perfect storyteller? I haven't found him yet, but I know he's in here somewhere. I'll probably be chasing him 'til God takes me home. ;)

This is where most people list all the awards and accomplishments they've amassed in their craft over the years. I don't have many. Just a couple of Emmys, some Tellys, and a few others. It's not been my focus. If that's important to you, there's plenty of info about me on the internet these days. Just don't confuse me with the motivational business speaker Joel H Weldon. He's a nice guy, but he's not me. 


Oh yeah, and if you happen to like Christian music, yes, that's me on Spotify and Apple Music wearing my other hat.

So now that we're acquainted, text me at 951-282-4855. Let's create something incredible.


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