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Upon entering his home studio hideaway, you quickly realize that Matthew Scott has musical tastes as diverse as the random lengths of his slicked back hipster-style haircut.

Looking at the vinyl album display on his wall - with Dustin Kensrue’s Thrice on one end and Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Live on the other - it’s obvious there are many interesting angles to this young artist.


As an artist member of the new L.A.-based Firma Collective, the spotlight is beginning to find this young singer/songwriter and worship leader. After performing and leading at a variety of churches in the Los Angeles area, including frequent appearances at High Desert Church in Victorville, CA (a mega church of 10,000 members), he was approached by Firma Collective founders and members Joel Weldon and Tom Mgrdichian about possibly adding his talent to the group. Several meetings revealed a mutual ministry philosophy followed by a realization that his voice fit the sound they were looking for. Matthew had suddenly found an artistic home in the Firma Collective lineup with a debut release scheduled for early Spring 2018.


And his voice? The word 'unique' can’t adequately describe it. On one hand, it’s the raspy edge of a driving modern rock band (ala Thrice); on the other, it’s the emotional grit of Joe Cocker with a smooth, modern tone. Can you say, ‘ear magnet’?

Matthew Scott was raised in San Bernardino, CA, just east of Los Angeles. His story includes the scars of a broken home at a critical young age. Personal challenges weighed heavily on him in his early adolescence, leading him to eventually seek something deeper than the aversions of a typical high school student. He chose a path in pursuit of God and found grace in Jesus (he's a big fan of A.W. Tozer). Eventually, his faith added depth to his music and worship leadership. His humble, natural, and easygoing approach is proven out by the words of those who know him and have played alongside him. He endears everyone he meets with a kind look and a twinkle of mischief behind his inviting grin. It’s obvious he’s a “Jesus” man with deep conviction and a keen sense of humor.


When asked about his vision and dreams for the days ahead, he quickly shifts to a determined tone. “To affect change with my music….while I live for my Savior, love my wife Stephanie, and be the best dad I can be for our daughter.”


Matthew Scott is going to be a surprise blessing to those who have the privilege to listen to him; not only to his incredible talent, but to his joyful and compassionate heart. And if you happen to meet him in person, make him laugh. It's infectious.


Look out for Matthew Scott on the Firma Collective debut album release - Songs for Every Soul - now available everywhere.

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