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When the average person steps into a room full of people, it’s typically inconsequential. But when someone like Lexi Jones steps in, within moments there’s an inexplicable joy and magnetism that takes over. It’s a force. And it’s wonderful. 

From the time that she was very young, performing has been her joy, her destination, her heart. As a young girl, Lexi graced the big screen and theatrical stage in many productions in the LA area, becoming a SAG actress as a teenager appearing in movies like Deep Impact with Elijah Wood and music videos such as Human Touch by Bruce Springsteen. And it was only natural that her talent would carry into her adult life, making her a powerful artist who now yearns to serve her Creator with the gift she’s been given. 


After some life changing spiritual decisions 10 years ago, she has led worship at churches throughout Southern California and the west; most notably, Greg Laurie’s Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California (coincidently the same church where Katy Perry often sang prior to her discovery by the pop music industry). It was in leading worship that Lexi honed her ability to connect with an audience and engage the room with her personal style and irresistible voice.

And here at the horse ranch in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where she keeps her two rescue horses, Willow Sky and White Cloud Dreamer, it’s clear that humans are not the only ones she likes to hang with. It’s the dirt floors, the smell of clean straw, and the unmistakable aroma of horses that makes her feel right at home. The love of animals has been one of her other passions. It's the place she goes to recharge, to relax and refresh beyond her first passion…music.


“I feel like I can just let things go here,” she says. “Willow and Dreamer don’t talk back to me and I really like that!” (her regular job as a Junior High PE coach can be a bit challenging, she whispers). Grabbing a brush and stroking Willow’s coat, Lexi explains however, that her real sweet spot is leading people to Jesus in worship. It’s the one thing she knows she was truly made for. 


And her voice? It’s a voice that is at once, big and electrifying, and in the next moment, intimate and personal. Lexi Jones can take an average melody and lace it with emotion the song never knew it had. Inspiring and encouraging Jesus worshippers young and old, it’s obvious that she’s stepping into the LA-based Firma Collective with a mission: To honor Jesus Christ with her talent and lead people to Him...and in the process, she’ll let some of that magnetism, radiance, and joy spill over into the lives of everyone she meets.


Look out for Lexi Jones on the Firma Collective debut album release, Songs For Every Soul coming Spring of 2018.

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