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As he takes the phone call from his voice casting agent in Beverly Hills, Joel Weldon receives word that he just became the voice of another of many advertising campaigns in his career. 

This time, it's NASCAR who will be using his award-winning signature announcer voice as part of their "branding" for the next couple of years...maybe longer. It's a unique ability and he's obviously quite good at it.


But just a few years ago, Joel Weldon was one of the most sought-after independent Christian artists in the USA, performing his American heartland-style ballads and worship songs touring thousands of concert dates. His musical creations appeared on Word Records projects, Maranatha Music, Vineyard and many others. His song Lord Give Us America was a 2017 theme for the 50 state Decision America tour with Franklin Graham, and his worship songs have been sung by churches worldwide. He's also written jingles for the likes of Caterpillar and musical soundtracks for PBS docu-dramas. So it seems his speaking voice might make him a living, but music clearly runs in his veins.


His passion for creating music was rekindled in 2016 after a conversation with his good friend and music producer Tom Mgrdichian. "Let's write together again" was the informal invitation. Then something stirred as the melodies and lyric flowed. This was something special. God had something much bigger in mind than just another project. Firma Music Group Inc. was born and 2017 saw the launch of a new vision; that Hollywood and LA industry music pros who love Jesus could come alongside the Southern California worship community and create something fresh, inspired, and powerful. It's happening. Here in Los Angeles. And they couldn't be more excited about it.


"Many years ago, the Christian music industry moved to Nashville, but all the Christians making music didn't. That's the wonder of Firma Collective. That many of us who love Jesus and work in secular movie and media industries can now come together to serve the Lord with our talents." says Joel.  "It's something we were called to do, even right here in LA, and we think the music speaks for itself. It lifts up and honors Jesus Christ. And for those of us who have made a living in this industry and served in churches far outside of the Christian Music hub of Nashville, it's so special to create this record and see this dream fulfilled."


Look for Joel Weldon on the Firma Collective, Songs for Every Soul in Spring 2018.

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