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Album Credits


Produced by: Tom Mgrdichian

Instrumental & Vocal Arrangements: Tom Mgrdichian

Tom Mgrdichian: Keyboards, all tracks - Acoustic Guitar, track 1 - Electric Guitar, tracks 1,3 - Bass, tracks 1,3,4,5,6,7


Steve Lawrence: Bass, track 2

Louie Morales: Drums, all tracks

Eric Marcia: Electric Guitar, tracks 1,3,4,6,7 - Acoustic Guitar, tracks 3,4,6,7 - Mandolin, tracks 3,4,6,7 - Banjo, track 2

Carl Rydlund: Electric Guitar, tracks 4,6,7 - Acoustic Guitar, track 1

Justin Crow: Electric Guitar, track 2

Seth Taferner: Electric Guitar, track 3

Matthew Scott: Electric Guitar, track 2 - Acoustic Guitar, track 2


Joel Weldon: Acoustic Guitar, track 7

Erin Rettig: Cello, track 7

Mark LeVang: Accordion, track 1

Herb Powell: Additional Programming, tracks 1,2,4

Background vocals: Lexi Jones and Matthew Scott

Recording Engineer: Tom Mgrdichian

Drums Recording Engineer: Brian Reeves

Drums Recorded at Hume Studios, Hume Lake Christian Camps


Mix Engineer: Brian Reeves,

Mixed at the Jungle Room Studios, Glendale CA

Mastering Engineer: Dale Becker, Becker Mastering

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